Get Processアクティビティで出力するプロセス変数?リスト変数?の型を教えてください

UiPath Studio 2023.6.1 Community Editionを利用中の初心者です。

Get Processアクティビティで起動中のProcess名をリスト変数lis_listofprocessに取得しようとしたら、添付のエラーが出ました。
おそらく変数パネルで定義したlis_listofprocessの既定値や変数の型がNew List(Of String)ではまずいのではないかと推測しています。

Hi @gorby
You can change type of list process to collection
My project


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Hi Thank you for your reply.
It seems collecion"<“process”>" differs from list"<" process">" .
Could you show me how to select collecion"<" process">" ?
It will be appreciated if you show me pre-typing letters to get collecion"<" process">" .

Hi @gorby

Use this collection variable type instead of list.

Hi @gorby
You need search

then search

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Hi I finally made working workflow.
However, I do not know what s.processname means in the attached png file.
Could you elaborate on this?


It extracts the “ProcessName” property from each element in the collection. It retrieves the “Process Name” of each running process.

Thank you for your advice!
Additional question for you!
I put invoke method activity between assign activity and message box.
As you may be aware, I want to see process list after sorted by process name.
How can I set property of invoke method activity?

Target Type → ??
TargetObject → str_ProcessName
MethodName → Sort


Change collection of process to list of process by:
List_processCollection = Collection_process.OrderBy(Function(p) p.ProcessName).ToList()

  • TargetType: System.Collections.Generic.List(Of String)
  • TargetObject: List_processCollection
  • MethodName: “Sort”

Unfortunately, I could not set “System.Collections.Generic.List(Of String)” as TargetType
of invoke method activity…
Will you kindly check my uploaded workflow?
Thank you for your cooperation in advance!

Get Processアクティビティで起動中のProcessを調査.xaml (12.7 KB)



Get Processアクティビティで起動中のProcessを調査.xaml (12.3 KB)