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Hi all,

I am struggling a bit with the following. I want to get the URL to the PDF from a Dutch website. I have tried “Get attribute” and “Data/screen scraping” without succes. Can you help me?

The URL is

Thnx in advance.


Hi @Dion

you need to choose the right selector for the right element, inspect it, know the exact attribute that you want to extract and you should be good to go.

check the following xaml file :
Main.xaml (6.9 KB)


Thnx, that helps. Because i need to get the URL for more locations I will try to make it a stable selector.

I tried to make it stable with the * in the number of the pdf but since I didn’t have the other urls it won’t be possible for me to do it.
anyway you have the right selector now, good luck with the rest.

Hi, I know how that works :slight_smile: Been working for over a year with UiPath now but did not have the need to register on the forum. The hidden URL was the first time I did not find the answer on this forum.

I have figured it out and my robots runs solid now. Thnx!

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