Selector Not working for multiple pdfs on using get text activity

Hi Again Friends,

I am working on a set of (same format) pdfs where i want to scrap some data from all of them. As i am using get text activity for getting the data. But I am getting

Get Total: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

i have tried using UI explorer for adding anchor too. It will work for one pdf and fail for another. This is certainly issue with the selector (i m sure). Also when trying to highlight the selector for each pdf it is giving me error message there also.

Note: I have used * where data can be dynamic. Also i am newbie to UIpath.

Thanks in advance.



Could you share the selector which you have used?

Suresh J

Sure here it is


Fine!!! get text activity will take more time. If its same format we can process in this way like,

Read pdf text and store it in a var(String) . then just we use regex expressions on that string to get your preferred text.

Just share the string from that what you want to extract from that sequence or string.


Kindly change the Selector to dynamic and use the unique property.

For eg: check Title has “Billing Invoice Template” is the same for all Template.
and aaname

If you share xaml and sample file we can help or share the selector for two pdf.

Suresh J

Main.xaml (21.1 KB) Invoice 445.pdf (28.8 KB) Invoice 76.pdf (28.8 KB) Invoice 527.pdf (28.8 KB) Invoice 467.pdf (28.8 KB) Invoice 664.pdf (28.8 KB) Invoice 599.pdf (28.8 KB) Invoice 434.pdf (28.8 KB) Invoice 559.pdf (28.8 KB) Invoice 892.pdf (28.8 KB)

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Thanks for the reply , regex is a activity that i need to use. Could you please help me on this. This is the first time time i am doing this.