Get outlookemail messages giving less number of emails then actual count

hello ,
In my outlook there is a folder called inbox ,and there are 2281 emails in the folder .But while using Get outlook email messages and applying count method it is giving only 2254 emails only.
below are the property and snapshot -


why i am not getting exact count?

Hey @Navneetj3 ,

The email which does not came in the output, might be those email belongs to some other Labels as shown in the screenshot. In the screenshot the first email belongs to the Label Banking/Groww however it is showing in the inbox, however if I will try to read these two email I will get only one email as I have given Inbox as a folder path in the activity.


there is no folder apart from inbox .
and 2281 count is for inbox only…

Hi @Navneetj3

Increase the time of the TimeoutMs Properties and try it once.

Hope this might help you :slightly_smiling_face:

no its not helping…

Hi @Navneetj3,

Can you check which emails are not coming, may be those are meeting invite in the inbox not emails… just a thought…

How much timeout you are passing, Generally when I ran the process for 100 emails it will take 2 to 3 min to read, Accordingly pass the time and see it will help or not

Hi @Navneetj3

Actually it is considering not only inbox also includes mail messages in “others”

Means in Outlook once inbox is selected contains Focused + others = total inbox mails
Once check it


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