How to read whole inbox mails without limiting to some number

I want to read the whole inbox mails without any limit. I’ve tried this. In properties panel of get outlook mails activities I’ve left the Top option empty. But now i think it isn’t reading even one mail leaving that top option as blank.
Help me if any one have an about this.

Thank you!

Hey @Chaitanya_podilapu ,
You need to provide any number in the ‘TOP’ property. The ‘TOP’ property can read mails with a limit of ‘9 times 9’. Also the Inbox folder cannot have mails more than 9 times 9.
So you need to provide the number of mails u want to read.
Find the below screenshot for ur reference.


Hey! I’m getting this outlook timeout error if i mention more than 30 in TOP property. What could be the reason.


Hey @Chaitanya_podilapu ,
If u are getting timeout error means the activity is not getting connected to your outlook mail box.
Provide email address in the account property and check again.


You must provide Timeout in property like 30000 to wait for 30 sec and then try.


If you want to read more than 30 mails then set Top field with Int32.MaxValue.

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