Filter emails by sender in get outlook activity doesn't work completely

Hi everbody,

I try to filter my mails by sender in the activity ‘get mail messages’ so I don’t have to check/filter the sender in a for each loop (this will take more time and is unnessesary if you can do it in the filter above).

BUT the filter doesn’t work completely and I have no idea why, maybe I am overlooking something…

My sequence and filter settings:




In Outlook (I should be 38 mails´from this sender. With no filter there are 317 mails and I check the top 400…):

I hope someone can help me.

Thank You!



Please filter using from:emailid in outlook else outlook would return emails with thier email included even if they are not from that person

Please check the same


Hi Anil,

I change it as the UiPath documentation explains:


But I get an error that the from property is unkown…


The documentation also lists the option with sendermailaddress as I use before, which I also have seen in many forum posts and tutorial videos - so this option has to work, too.

You mentioned that ‘outlook would return emails with thier email included even if they are not from that person’, but I don’t get these kind of mails in my filter, I get over 27 mails not, so this should work too.
I noticed that the searching/filter in outlook was set to mailbox not to mail folder(Inbox)…Now for this sender I get all right mails.

BUT I tried another sender with sendermailaddress and there are 3 in the Inbox folder, I’m getting 0 back…

Both UiPath and outlook itself make filtering and searching for specific mails very confusing and hard to understand - it’s very unreliable, but of course I need a solution I can rely on…


The filter I am taking about is this on the outlook search

this will filter from the sender …if you given only email id there then you will get results of all the emails where the specific person is not the sender but is there in the email cc or any other field as well…

Check that

The filter that you are doing on UiPath does not look wrong


Hi @felix738 ,

Check this below link on filtering emails based on sender email address,

Hope this may help you :smiley:

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I checked it. As I mentioned before, I should get the 3 mails, but I didn’t…


I tried this as you can see in my posts, but it doesn’t work reliable…


Please try exactly like this "[SenderEmailAddress] = ''" - this in studio

ANd to filter on outlook Application directly use like this …from:“Sender Name” - this is not on studio but on outlook ui


I got still 0 mails back…I would have been surprised if this worked, since the filter command should not be case sensitive


Can you try printing and check the mail ID as I see the same filter is working as expected…

Also can you check by changing the mail package version