Get Outlook Messages not running on scheduled bot on a VM

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I have a process whereby Outlook messages will be retrieved for their attachments etc etc, and it is currently set to run daily.

The issue is, it fails every day, and the log says “0 messages found of 2” and “Invoke Workflow File: One or both of the emails have not been found” as per my created messages. I log into the VM, check outlook, both are there and unread, so I log back out of VM (leaving them unread) and head to Orchestrator, reschedule the job to run in a minute or two and it runs perfectly, finding the email (“2 messages found of 2” etc in logs and job working).

Is there a reason here? Should I get the process to open Outlook first as this could prompt it to retrieve the emails, or is there another simple reason for this?



I’ve had similar issues in the past and have found the opening Outlook first (or leaving it open) helps to resolve them. It appears to be dependent on which version of Outlook you are using, I’ve experienced having to have Outlook open on both Office 365 and Outlook 2016.

My advice would be to use the other mail activities (such as Exchange activities) if at all possible and if you can to remove the dependency on Outlook

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Thanks, I might try and look into the other activities such as Exchange going forward. Otherwise it’s not too much trouble to open Outlook (or leave it open).

Are there any tricks/tips with the Exchange activities or is it straightforward?


The Exchange activities are pretty straightforward, if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense the docs at may prove useful

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