Get outlook mail messages: The specified folder does not exist- error

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Im getting below error message now. The same workflow last week with the same configuration it is working fine. but now im getting below error. Please suggest.

“Get outlook mail messages: The specified folder does not exist”

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I am getting the same issue while working in the remote desktop and there is no outlook application. So I changed the activity to get IMAP mail message but it shows login failed

Please suggest any ideas.


@supriya117 im new to UiPath, Im using youtube videos refercess to build the workflow. check for youtube videos for reference.

Hi @niranjan.kummara

If you are getting this error, make sure you are providing correct information to these 2 fields:


If the error persists, refresh the project/close the project & try again in a while. As I used to get the same error after entering all the details correctly, the same creds started working in a while.

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@arjunshenoy Hi Arjun, i have entered details correctly. It has to pick the details from the subfolder.


Hi @niranjan.kummara ,

Can you check Clients sub folder still exist in your account under Inbox?

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@Manish540 yes, i have the Clients subfolder.


If client folder is present inside the inbox folder (as a subfolder), please specify only the folder name, not from the root -

Specify the folder as ‘Clients’

If the error persists:

  1. Try refreshing the outlook session once.
  2. Try using the Outlook activities with the ‘Desktop’ option selected. In Studio, click on the ‘Project’ tab, select ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Execution’. Under the ‘Options’ section, select ‘Desktop’ as the execution type. This will enable the UiPath activities to interact with the Outlook application directly, which may resolve the issue.

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Hi @niranjan.kummara ,

Can you just try by keeping Account part empty and pass only the MailFolder as shown in below screesnhot,

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Hi niranjan
Do you have outlook application in your pc ?

If you do not have then by using GetIMAP activity you can retrieve the outlook mail information.

@arjunshenoy I dont see Option selection could you please help me.

@Manish540 No luck i got the same error.

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@Soundarya_Guduri where can i update mail subfolder details

Update as shown in image.
You can config the folder path here

same error here… did you get it fixed?

Hi @David_Franco
Can you share the error screen shot if possible

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