Get Outlook Mail Messages: The operation has timed out

I am trying to segregate emails based on the email ID in respective folders present in my Outlook folder.
When I run my process I am getting error message at Get Outlook Mail Messages: The operation has timed out.

I also tried the following changes but still I am getting same error msg. :
Top value as 30/20/10
TimeoutMS = 30000 (30 sec.),
MarkAsReadDisplayName checkbox - check & uncheck,
AccountDisplayName = my hotmail id and “blank”

In UiPath I am using Mail.Activities installed version 1.8.3-beta.889642 (latest) and I also tried installing version 1.8.2-preview and tried above properties changes and still get same error msg.

Can someone please provide any suggestion on how to resolve this issue.

I am using UiPath Studio 2020.2.0-beta.108 Community License.

Can someone please help me resolve this issue?


Hi @kapurnick, were you able to find a solution for this?