Problem with Get Outlook Mail Message Activity; Error: The operation has timed out

Hi Everyone

I have a project where I am using Get Outlook Mail Message Activity. When I run this project from Uipath Comunity Studio 2019.7 , I get this error: “The operation has timed out”
But, If I run the project from Studio 2019.6 it works fine.
Please, someone knows how can I resolve this problem??

Thanks in advance!!


Update Uipath.Mail.Activities package and then try once.

Hi @lakshman

The version installed was 1.2.6863
I updated to 1.5.1, but the message error is the same.


Hi @girojasg I am also facing the same issue. Did you find any resolution of this issue. Please post here if you find one.

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The problem is reproduced in 2018.4.5 with the same result.
But it works on 2019.7.0.

I am facing the same issue in 2019.7.0

Problem resolved.
An antivirus can detect suspicious activity especially in Get Outlook Messages Activity executing. Adding UIPath executor into whitelist or disabling antivirus helps to resolve this problem.

how do you add uipath executor to whitelist ?

Hi All,

I have the same issue.
The problem is that sometimes getting outlook messages works ok and sometimes not. If I have small amount of e-mails to proceed, it doesn’t crash but when I have more e-mails, there is a timeout.

I had the same issue. And I solved it by increasing the TimeoutMS property of activity. Like 150000


It worked, thanks a lot

Had the same issue.
The inox that I was reading was to large/ heavy for UiPath to read within the given TimeOut.
I check the OnlyUnreadMessages and found no errors anymore. Meaning that you have three options:

  1. Increase the TimeOut
  2. Reduce the Inbox
  3. Enable OnlyUnreadMessages

Hope this helps other in the future as well.

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What if the timeout occurs once in a very long time, we can assume its because of mail server down issue

I have also the same issue i.e. “Get Outlook Mail Messages: The operation has timed out.” please provide me solution.

it did not worked , any other solution?