Get Outlook Mail Message keep getting TimeOut Error

My Get Outlook Email Activities keep giving me Timeout error,
first it didn’t work when I set no timeout value, and works when i set timeout 30000.
but then it failed again, and works when i increase the timeout.
andd it failed again. it frustating coz I’m not sure how more timeout I need to set.

any helps? thanks


Increase Timeout Gradually: Since the timeout issue seems to be intermittent, you can try gradually increasing the timeout value until the activity consistently works without errors. Start with a reasonable timeout value (e.g., 30000 milliseconds) and increase it in small increments (e.g., 5000 milliseconds) until you find a value that works consistently for your email retrieval.

hi @ibnu.alem
try to put it inside retry scope

yes it’s the solution. I’m just curious the root cause, so I can explain it

I use Global Exception handler which going to retry it when error

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