I need to increase the timeoutMS of office365 scope

Hy Guys,

I need to increase the timeoutMS of office365 scope, because the getmail activities is not working, I already reduced the top to 1 item and still not working.
I think it happens because there is more than 20k mails in the mailbox, and the 3min timeoutMS doesnt help me :frowning: How can I increase it to 20min for example?

@Gabriel_DAlves_BR Change the value of timeoutMS to the desired duration. For example, to set it to 20 minutes, you would use 1200000 milliseconds (20 minutes × 60 seconds × 1000 milliseconds). You can always pass the timeout as constant coming from Config file to keep the value dynamic and not dependant on code.

Hy Shantanu, this function doesnt work to me, I already increase this limit but the activitie continue throwing error after 3min :frowning:


Can you please show the exact error you are gettingrg…please show the exception details from
Locals panel

Also can you show the configuration of your activity