Get Outlook Mail Messages question

developer wants to create an attended automation process. The process will
take information from emails in the current user’s inbox.
Assuming the email/domain or password for the user’s email inbox are not provided in
the automation, which activity can be used to get unread emails with the subject line
“Email for Robot”?
A. Get Exchange Mail Messages
B. Get POP3 Mail Messages
C. Get Outlook Mail Messages
D. Get IMAP Mail Messages

I guess it is
Get Outlook Mail Messages

using this activity we can send an email without entering the username and password of the email account
is it correct
please explain

Hi @Akbar_Badhusa,
Yes you can use Get Outlook Mail or Send Outlook Message it integrate direct with Outlook account exist on Robot Machine Attended or Unattended Robots. hope this answer help you if you need any explanation feel free to update us :slight_smile:

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This situation i an use Get outlook mailmessage because dont neend add the credential ffor this outlook activity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Akbar_Badhusa

The correct options is C) Get Outlook Mail Messages

It is not necessary to enter a password to retrieve or send an Outlook mail message.

Kaviyarasu N

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Hi @Akbar_Badhusa,

You can use Get Outlook Mail Message. By default, Account field from activity property uses default Outlook account from the machine

Vishnu Shankar

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