GET OCR TEXT - Reading on top of image


I am trying to read a text using GET OCR TEXT. The problem is, it’s on top of a image so when I read it and print it out, it gives me a weird output. I have tried it with different OCR engines but still no accuracy.

This is what I am trying to read:

This is the output i get:
“N“… 7-7 .
“‘Av-L-aux’-U""‘aflflu U; V
"up“ :r-’<n-w’=4-.n-—u nu, 3.-. …y
v’ ,
x ‘" ~ ’
97 ‘ ,-> «‘- = ”‘5‘“
‘ ,’, , l ‘1’. um .7 “V I”
‘ . II. N "n . l
‘ r _y‘4-‘l‘ _ . ,q \ ‘ I
v,“ -’/1 .-‘ ‘ V ‘2’.
. . ‘ I. - " ‘ ‘. I .
n.» , '4 ‘. “1., ‘ ‘ ‘.
‘fl , H I, »-‘~’-., ‘191l’31‘

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you!

I know you can get white text with a black background, but not sure about white space over a multi-gradient background, and especially not with the free Google or Microsoft engines.

You could probably take another approach though, with maybe using a Find Image or Image Exists.

I’m not sure what tools would be able to do this using OCR.

So the only way for me to get anything on this is use just use image exists? I actually need the text because I am trying to compare it to a existing variable. Thank you for your help though.

You would need to use an existing image rather than text. But like I said, I am not sure and am not an expert on the OCR tools that could do this. I just haven’t seen it done is all, where the background has multiple shades.

It’s fine, no worries! Thank you

I face same issue, have you solved it?

No, i wasnt able to figure it out.

Hello @Manisha_Katram,

I will share my OCR knowledge for this scenario,
You can

  1. use Tesseract OCR engine
    2.enable Invert
  2. Apply Scale value as 1

this may solve your problem. (502.6 KB)