Best way to read Image on Screen

Hello Everyone,

Can one please tell me what is the best way to extract text from an image.
I am using screen scraping method to extract the text from an image but it run once while in 2nd time it gives an error.

Can anyone tell me the best reliable method to extract text from an image?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @jhabijay_10

Buddy the one you are using currently is the best one to get the text from images, yes
OCR activities,
but the region that we select getting loaded and engine that we use always plays a major role in our outcomes,
Great coming to the point, would like to tell you how these two points impact the output

  1. While selecting the region we wont do any mistake but we need to make sure that the image gets loaded first and thenonly we can look for image and get the text from it with ocr activities, so to make sure that we must have a image exists activity before going for getting the text and that would make more reliable buddy @jhabijay_10
  2. Engines, yes there are three engines currently available in uipath like google, microsoft and Abbyy, while all of them has a unique features in them like

OCR is not 100% accurate, but can be useful to extract text that the other two methods could not, as it works with all applications including Citrix. Studio uses two OCR engines, by default: Google Tesseract and Microsoft Modi.

so for your issue, make sure the image loads first as usually the image takes some time to get loaded in a webpage, and we need to make sure that the image appears first and then we can get the text, as we cannot assure that the image willget loaded in same time all the time @jhabijay_10

Hope this would help you and kindly try this and let know whether this works or not
Cheers @jhabijay_10

Thanks for sharing the value info, but in my list of OCR I am not able to find Google OCR or Microsoft Modi OCR do i need to install any package.
Please suggest

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Buddy @jhabijay_10

Here you go
Goto Manage packages and then install UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities and

Kindly try this and let know whether that worked for you or not

Cheers buddy @jhabijay_10

As suggested i have installed both he package still i didn’t see the Google Tesserct and Microsoft MODI.
Even after installation i restarted the Uipath.

Buddy you can even use google cloud vision OCR as well buddy and it can work with Get OCR activities as well,
then here is your microsoft OCR buddy (obtained from your image only buddy) @jhabijay_10


use Microsoft OCR or google OCR