OCR output

Hi everyone,

what is the difference in output if we put the variable here:

or here

The output will be saved into that variable


Ok, but what is the difference between those two images? First one is variable as an output of the engine and second of GET OCR text

I tried with both and got same output.

Hi Mario,

Google OCR (screenshot1) is here an activity which is considered as OCR engine.
In the current example, it is considered being part of the Get OCR Text activity scope.
It could also be used by itself and get the scraped output of an image variable that you pass as target.

Get OCR Text is another activity which will take as input an UiElement and an OCR engine (like google OCR, Microsoft, Abby).

Get OCR Text will be taking screenshot of your UiElement or its clipping region if it was reasgined and will pass it as input of the OCR engine that was dragged as input. It will then assign it variable it’s own output variable with the output of the OCR engine.

Note that the output of the OCR engine is implicitely passed to the Get OCR Text activity the same way a Type into activity Target can remain empty if is part of a window/element scope but will still executed on the context of its scope.

Hope it clarifies :slight_smile:


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