"Get IMAP Mail Messages: Timed out while waiting for Mail Service to connect" error

Hello! Get this error after system reboot.

If after reboot I do reinstall UiPath Studio Community and try to run project, it works fine. But after reboot Windows error appears again.

Can someone help me?

Hi @ilya_40in

What is your current version of the Mail activity package in your project, as well as the version of Studio?

Does upgrading your Mail activity package help resolve the issue?

Studio version is 2021.10.04
Mail activity is latest - v1.13.1-preview

Does the process run successfully when closing/re-opening Studio without rebooting?

Yes, before system reboot process works fine. I could reopen as much as I want, and process runs succesfully.

Could you please try the advised steps from this post ?

Another potential cause for the specific behavior of activity after the reboot is if there is a policy applied (that could remove/downgrade the package) or firewall configurations which are reset after each reboot.
Alternatively, if issue still persists, try to downgrade then upgrade back the package (without re-installing Studio), and let us know if this has any impact on the given error after reboot.

Thats kinda strange, but my problem is gone. I didnt change anything.

Anyway, thank you for your response! If the problem will return, I’ll try everything from mentioned post.

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