Get IMAP Mail Messages - Result Zero Mails

Packages from 1.10.0-preview and above is retrieving zero mails from mailbox.
Packages from 1.9.6 and below are retrieving mails but taking much more time.

Below are properties.

You have it set to “only unread.” Try unchecking that.

Also, this shouldn’t be in Feedback, it should be in Help.

Thanks, but mailbox is having unread mail too. And same result even after uncheck. I would like to process them.

Hi @dushyanth_Alla

I’ve just run a quick test with Mail package version 1.12.0-preview and I successfully retrieved the emails from a personal email address. imapServer = “” & imapPort = 993. I cannot reproduce the issue.


May be issue when we picked Zimbra mailbox. As I was repeatedly trying for the same.

Scenario 1: v1.10.0 and above - zero
Scenario 2: v1.9.6 and below - correct output(but taking more time to produce output)

Thanks for reporting the issue and the details provided, we will investigate.

@dushyanth_Alla can you please try if it is working with Mail package 1.13.1-preview available on the Official feed?

Thanks @ovidiuponoran , Will give a try and let you know the results