GET IMAP Mail Messages, Missing some emails


I could get most of emails using this activity.

However, cannot detect or get some email.
When I tried to get Top 10 emails, only get 8 emails. Even I could not count it.

Tried to update or downgrade Mail.Activites version, but does not work.

Did you configure any filter in the settings of the activity? It seems that your emails were filtered.

Hi @kyoungtaek.oh
You may give filter option as unread or read.please check

Pls check the filter. Also check your mail app if any rule you applied.

No, there is no filtered email.
Original emails are in the mailbox, Inbox.
If there are 10 emails, I could get only 7 emails.
Could not get emails from a specific sender.

there is no filter and I read all emails