Cannot get correct imap mail message

Hi all, I am using get imap mail activity but whenever I run I get zero or incorrect number of mails in the mail box please what could be the problem

Hi @stanstilo,

Do you get any error message?Please check the below link and make sure you have configured all the property correct.



You can enable only unread messages, and make a IF condition that

Mails.count > 0

If there are new mails then only you have to work, or else keep in false that No mails

Hope this works


The major issue is that I have marked only unread messages and I have 3 unread messages in the mail folder but when I display the count in a message box using using Mail.Count, I get 0 messages and the workflow stops


Can you share your properties screen




Try removing “Inbox” place only “pending” or “Inbox\pending”


create a separate individual folder and try

also you can place Top as 100

Hope this helps


I have done that but it sometimes get 0 or 1 or 2 while the total unread mails are 3.What could be the reason