Get image from accounts (dynamically)

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I really need your help.

I created a bot that scrapes data from our companies employees accounts that are listed in our intranet.

In order to that the bot gets text data which works fine.

I also have to get an image of each employee which is on top of each employees page. But this doesn’t work!

The image is always at the same position of the website. I use a take screenshot activity followed by save image…
Accordingly I used a wildcard in the selector to make it dynamically. It works only for my account to get the image.

The selector normally looks as follows:

I changed it into

Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Could you show your process?

Hi @Horst

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U can try the below logic to take screenshots of image

Use take screenshots activitiy and inside e
It use css selector of the image only

That u can get from right click the webpage and selecting Inspect Element option.

By this screenshot of that particular image will only be done and u can make it dynamic according to employee name

Hope the idea helps you


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check with UiExplorer the src attribute for the image on its source url. In case of the source url is processible (URL not a javascript function) then do following:

  • scrap the image source url with a get attribute activity and using the src attribute
  • Download the image by its url

Image downloading by url can be done by several approaches. Have a look here on one option:

for dynamizing a selector have a look here:

Hey Guys,
thanks for all your Replies and help:) Especially yours @ppr
Seems like due to your help I made it

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