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Hi All,

I have a task to download around 10000 images from web page. each page have 3 images i need to download.

Its simple task search part and right click on image and save as to some location.

Bot has failed to right click on image as selector is dynamic.

Since table row is unique, i have selected but its failed to select attached is for reference, Can anyone help me?


@nageshgowdaj can you send the URL ?

Am sorry it’s confidential,
Is it possible to give co-ordinates on webpage to click, I tried but no luck for me. How to give it?


If I understood correctly you want to download images from web page one by one.

Now question

  • did you try using screenscraping?
  • do you want to use dynamic selector?

If you want to use dynamic selector you need to know what is differed, if that is data table, that means that you can incrementally increase number. So first you need to create counter. To use dynamic selector it goes like this:

  1. click on image you want to download
  2. click on edit selector
  3. mark part of selector you want to replace
  4. click right click and then Choose variable (or argument)

and that is it.

Tell me if it works for you.


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Hello Radomir,

Thanks it works for me,

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