How to get data from images


I am trying to get data from images on a web page. But the numbers of images change frequently. if the number of images are constant, am able to get the data from images but when the number of images changed am unable to get the data.

Can anyone help me to solve this?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @suvarnalaxmi
can you share the image data where you can change the selector as dynamic

Ashwin S


Can you please explain more in detail? Images from Webpage are you downloading and doing OCR? how you are able to get the data from Images if it is not changing frequently


My image is :slight_smile:

my selector is


Hi @Srini84

We are not downloading the images, we are getting the attribute value (Src) using get attributes command.

Can you please refer to the images which I have provided now.

Were we able to scrape then all together as a region of image
Like if there are three round images then select the whole region where all the image lies while doing Screen scrapping to get the data from image

That might work
cheers @suvarnalaxmi

Hi @Palaniyappan

I am getting the values using get attributes. By using screen scraping I am unable to get values from image.

After using get attributes my result is as shown below


May I know Which attribute shows our value when used Get Attribute activity

Cheers @suvarnalaxmi


My image is

my selector is

As you said you were able to get the value using Get Attribute activity, I couldn’t find attribute In this selector with value we want buddy

Cheers @suvarnalaxmi

Thanks Everyone,

My issue got resolved.

Good to hear that you solved the issue
post the action took, so that others with the same problem will get to know