Dynamic selector for Get Attribute ("src")

Hello guys, I want to iterate through some products on Amazon and get the image url with the Get attribute activity, but I don’t really know how to make the selector dynamic in order to take all the images.

This is how the images and selectors look like.
Any idea? Thanks!

Check this activity.

Thank you, but can you give me an example of how can I use it? Thanks!

extracting the image url with datascraping:

have a look here for some specifics and image download:

Hi Ionut,

I just made a sample workflow where in it will search for “Organic vegeitables” on amazon search box. then extract all the results in a datatable which contains the src of the images. Then it navigates to those images in side a loop.

Get Attribute with “Src” also commented inSearch Amazon.xaml (16.7 KB) the flow if you want to use it for single image.

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