Get full Text function breaks up if there is another string

Good day,

I built a robot that copies a string with the get full text funcition form a website into a excel sheet.
Often it is the same string but sometimes there is a different string and the roboter breaks up because he can´t find it.
Can I change this function somehow so it always copys the string in the sameplace of the page?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

it could be an issue with the text element id. please check the unique identification element id for that specific text and perform your activity.
if you want to keep less bug code - do a verification with element exists activity - based on the results/response - continue your activity.

Many thanks for your quick replay.
I am totally new with UiPath, could you provide some more information how I can check the unique identification element.

Review your selector, probably when you used it the first time it caught some dynamic elements of the page. If in subsequent runs the webpage uses a different id or text the selector won’t match and the robot will break.

This link has useful information on dynamic selectors using wildcards: Selectors with Wildcards

It looks like this in my selector but it has to bin the same place but dynamic sometimes there is written broken up instant of in service…
here are the properties:
How can I make it dynamic for the string but fixed on the place.

Why are you using get full text and not just Get Text activity? Your selector will be inside that Input-Target property…

I tried it with get text activity.
But I still get an error:
This is the Screen:
But he errors when there is something like this:

Maybe it is a possible solution that I say the robot if it is not found look for the next screenshot?
How would I built something like that?
I am totally new with this topic.

Many thanks in advance.

The core issue still seems to be that in some cases your element is not found with the provided selectors.

I would suggest, when the execution fails because its not found, you immediately try to verify the selector by indicating your element again on the screen.

Looking at your selector, there seem to be several identification properties, that might not be stable over time:

  • TableCol and TableRow have hardcoded values, that might not be stable over time
  • Webctrl index has a hardcoded value

Alternatively you could use an Anchor for identification that is stable over time. I in general would suggest you focus on the Label text on the left side, those seem to be stable identificators.

Many thanks for your reply.
How do I use an Anchor?
Yes it is always the string after “Status”.

Please refer to the documentation. It also includes a downloadable example.
This video might help you as well to better understand selectors.