How to paste clipboard data to excel file

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I have scenario where i need to click on copy table of SAP, and create a new excel file and paste copied data from clipboard.

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Hi @ShivuDundi

Hi @ShivuDundi u can try the following way

  1. Use get from clipboard activity to get the data from clipboard and store in string varible let’s say input

  2. Use generate datatable activitiy to convert the input to datatable and store the output in dt1(since u had copied the table.from sap)

  3. Use write range to write the datatable to excel file

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I see that @Nived has already given you the approach. In addition to it, you may need to manipulate your string. That is because, your string may have Tab spaces or Semicolons etc., which will need to be handled before the Generate DataTable can use the string. Here is the approach for converting input clipboard strings with Tabs in them.


Image of the workflow.

I don’t have excel so I use write range (Workbook) activity: CopyClipboardToExcel.xaml (10.4 KB)

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thank you @jeevith

Got it @NIVED_NAMBIAR Thank you

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