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In my project, I am willing to insert an image into an excel sheet without opening the excel file.
Please let me know ASAP

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Hi @hacky

As per my knowledge you can read the data from the closed workbook but not the other way.
I guess it is not possible to write into closed workbook.

Is there any issue for opening the file?

Karthik Byggari

Hi @KarthikByggari,

Actually in my workflow, I am having an image(screenshot) in a location and I want to insert this image into an excel sheet.

What I am doing down is opening the excel sheet and going to (Insert> picture button > attach image) (LIKE WE DO MANUALLY).

Now this is working fine from orchestrator, when I am using an attended robot and my target machine (server or VM) is open before hand.

But when I am disconnecting my server and running the workflow from the orchestrator, the flow is still working fine but the image is not inserted into this excel like I mentioned above.

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can you try to add some delay after opening the excel and adding the image.

Hi @hacky

I have done this successfully with unattended.

—Change Row Height for picture
—Insert Picture keystroke
—Type picture path and verify that it was typed correctly, then click Insert
—Change size of picture using keystroke
—Verify height was changed correctly while clicking Security button if it shows up

The Retry scopes should allow you to repeat failed input attempts.

I used a delay of 200 MS for the Befores on the TypeInto activities.

For additional troubleshooting on your end, you will need to use Take Screenshot in many places of your code to figure out what it is doing. This is how I was able to make this consistent, and figure out why it kept failing “randomly”.

Hope that helps.



You can also use Invoke VBA with a .vbs file that will attach to the Excel Scope, then you can use VB to insert your picture in the Cell you want. So that is another option as well.

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Hi ,
Here also you can get the custom activity to for image population in the excel without opening the excel file.