Get from clipboard --> can´t get an image

Hi community,

I try to get an image from my clipboard to a variable in an automation. The image is from snippingTool.
therefore I got two paths:

  1. Assign:
  • image = clipboard.getimage
    → validation error: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “clipboard.GetImage”.
    Der Typ “Clipboard” ist nicht definiert.
  1. Get From Clipboard:

the process works, if there is a text in my clipboard instead of an image.

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assumed the image is in the clipboard give a try on

output set to Datatype image
Targettype: System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard

Thanks for your fast response.

Which activity do I have to choose to insert this result in an excel sheet? The Result of the invoke method is the variable “image” .system.drawing.image

Can you please first confirm if the invoke method is working? Thanks
You can test with a save image activity

Create variable Image of variable type system.drawing.image…and then assign

then use save image activity to store image and pass image variable and path in it…


Yes it works. I get an image file with the clipboard image.

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HI @monika.c

When i tried this method got the following error in the assign activity : "Clipboard is not a member of ’ Forms’ " .

Please help


close your xaml file and open your xaml file in notepad and add namespace…


then close notepad and open your project and run it.


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Thank you that worked

Back to my second question:
How can we insert this image into excel for example?

@DennisWeber your excel file using start process activity. (In that give full path of your excel file)
2.Then use hotkey control+v …it will directly paste your clipboard image into the excel sheet.

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Hi @DennisWeber,

To Paste the image inside excel you can use the below activity.