Get failed retry number

Orchestrator Framework

I want to get the number of failed retry in full execution

it’s possible?

U mean how many times the transaction item got retried

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no i’m not using queues

I want to know the retry number of the entire process

Are u using reframework? @borismh

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  • if your are using RE-Framework there is a global variable with type integer called RetryNumber that counts your retry number for the process ,
  • if you are not using RE-FrameWork then u should create a counter variable and increment it on your own every time the process runs to calulate the retry numbers
  • another solution is to track all ur items in an excel sheet with 2 main columns (item_id,RetryNumber)
    to track each item with the exact number of retries and based on the number of retries u will decide on your workflow the next step whether to retry again or fo to the next item

yes, I am using the framework

Yes, it is the one in the config file, but if I return it in real time, it will return the number of retries that is written in the excel sheet, which would be 3

I want the retry number in a run

Hi @borismh, i had found the solution for your queries, please look

Before init all applications i created a sequence retry transaction which count the no of retries for each
inside that i had put a if condition if retry no is equal to zero, if its not then it is retry case and the value will be updated corresponding to each transaction no in excel file

This is the excel file i had created for it for each transaction no it will write no of reties

Intalise ur retry no as zero in get Transactiondata state

In the get Transactiondata state where u are assigning ur transactionitem below use excel application scope and the same operation above I described but when coming to retry no , put it as zero value in write cell activitiy

Note : this works with datatable method in reframework not in case of queues

PLease mark it as solution if you got it

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