Get Exchange Mail Messages NOT available as an activity. Please provide an alternative

Hello all,

After I turned my workflow to new Windows versions, since all the activities that are Windows - Legacy will no longer be supported, the Get Exchange Mail Messages is not available anymore.

Does anyone know an alternative to get outlook messages from a work account different than the one that is installed on the pc that running UiPath?

Thank you in advance!


You can try using Get Outlook mail message and specify the account

or can use get imap if you have the imap details


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The standard now is to use the O365 activities. Exchange is old tech and phased out by microsoft now. Most organisations will have done a migration away from it last year. If yours still works then its likely privately hosted.

I’d suggest talking to your IT dept about more modern forms of authentication.

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I have already tried that, but without any luck. How it can connect to another account without using the password?

Thank you

Thanks, I will try talk to the IT Dept for more info.


If outlook is confgiured with bith accounts then we can use account to choose between them

If that is not the case and you want to connect to offic365 mail then use outlook 365 activity where you would need to provide the appid and tenant id …which again is the authetication required …and you might get detaila from IT