Get exchange Mail Messages - date received

I’m getting issue with filtering MailMessages by activity Get Exchange Mail Message. When I am using attachement, subject or body filtering its all working. Its also fine with yesterday, today, this week as received option.

But when I put this filter option:
“received:06/09/2021” - it gives me 0 results
“received:09/06/2021” - it gives me 2 results, one mail is 10 Jun 2021, another one is 09 Jun 2021 (there is almost 24h difference between them!)


I tried also to use this option:
“received: >05/05/2021” and “received:>05/05/2021” but it give me no results. My other options:


Why is that? Is it UiPath package fault?

I used 1.10.5 version of UiPath.Mail.Activities

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Hi @Yameso

I asked around and it looks like it is not a bug on the activity side because it just passes the filter along to the server, and whatever the server gives back is what you get.

It might also be related to the D/M/Y vs M/D/Y format.

Why then this one gives me 0 result:


and this one give me 2 results?


It is indeed strange, but apparently, that’s the same result if you would run the query manually on the server itself.

@Yameso - please check this post …result changes when we add time component to it…

@Yameso The implementation of this activity just passes the query string to the server. The query string should be defined as described here Perform an AQS search by using EWS in Exchange | Microsoft Docs

“received:09/06/2021” should give you 0 results because this is September 06, 2021. You can rewrite your filter as “received:June 09,2021".

You may get what looks like strange results because the filter is interpreted in the time zone of the server but what you display in Output window is the DateReceived/Date converted to the local time zone on your machine.

CC: @ovidiu.iliescu

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