Get data from website

In the following website ‘’ , have the following calculator where I need to click some fields and get the result,

First input box is selected,

Second Input box should be selected,

If I have the following currency combination, (EUR,USD) then I need to click the EUR from the first input box, USD in the second input box then should click the first input box, copy the calculation from the side and paste into the excel sheet as the following manner,


Can I know for the above functionality, which activities are need to be used!?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sumitha - You can use the web recorder feature in UiPath, where you can perform the action which you mentioned and even you stop the delay of the recording my pressing F2 key.
You can go through the video for reference : RPA Video Tutorials | UiPath

Use select item activity to select values
Else you can also use type into and hit enter
Then use get text from where you need to copy the data

Hi @pruthvisiddhartha thanks for the reply,

The combinations of Currencies will be changed dynamically based on the user requirement, we will enter the user requested currencies first in this excel list,

Then after reading above excel sheet, the program should run and enter the currencies in the two input boxes in the website,mentioned above .

And write the combinations of currencies as below,


So, is the recording will be suited to this requirement!?

Hi Sushmitha - You can very well achieve this by the recording feature, but need to make couple of changes to the selectors.Recording will only help in building up the skeleton of the process.

  1. As per you requirement, you have to use Excel Activities, Type Into Activity, Get Text Activity, For Each Row Activity[if there are couple of records.].
    PS : If the currency conversion code[like, USD&INR] if are in different cells, it would be easy to get the data from Excel.

Ok , but the currencies will be in the same column @pruthvisiddhartha.

Hi Susmitha - In that case you have the split the string using split function.


As above function @pruthvisiddhartha!?

Hi Sushmitha - Yes, and also you can use Assign activity to store the values.

Ya @pruthvisiddhartha, but previously used the below functionality for getting the data from the matrix format

In the following xaml, CurrencyExchangeNew.xaml (21.0 KB).

Does the above functionality in xaml suits for " reading from excel sheet, the program should run and enter the currencies in the two input boxes in the website and write in the excel sheet with the combinations of currencies"

Hi Susmitha - Will check and let you know if there is anyway to do that, because i have not come across such scenario yet.

ok @pruthvisiddhartha.

Hi @Divyashreem - Any suggestion that you can help with as well.

Hi Sushmitha - And in the mean while if you find any solution, please let me know as well,