Read from the column in excel and enter into input boxes of website

From the following excel with currencies column,

And should enter into two input boxes in the website,

First Input box:

Second Input box:

Click run button and copy calculation and enter into the excel sheet in the following format,


What exactly you want ? Are you facing any error / any doubts etc… not mentioned any thing

Sorry, for not mention. Have doubt here, that which activities can be used !? for the functionality mentioned.

You have to use multiple activities. Before that are you clear on how to read excel and how to place a value in a website, how to copy the output back to excel etc… ? If not please go through the tutorials first. Post that you have any queries/issues, come back with the specific issue.

Ya @skini76, I know how to read excel.

Am stuck at, placing the value in website…

For reading the excel just use read range activity of excel, iterate the dataTable output of read range activity, for each row of the data table , use the value by providing index value , use type into on the application to type String value. Repeat for both values, click on the button if any to convert otherwise use get text to get the converted value and write a third column of the data table. After being done with every value and final datatable just use write range into excel to write the datatable.

You can use Type Into activity inside Foreach loop after reading the excel sheet

forEach row in dt,