How to scarp Changing Values from Website and paste it in Excel?

Hi Masters,

I have excel file, I need to read excel and dump that values into website and get Response from that and paste it in excel…
i am done with almost all part of it…

but iam not able to scrape the ans from the website, selector problem can anyone help me , i need to submit it by End of the day so please…

this is my attached file Exchange Rates.xlsx (679.7 KB)

and workflowCurrency Automation.xaml (33.3 KB)

Is there anyone to figure out of error please

On each loop of the currencies, I am sure there is only one result you wish to grab i.e. the conversion rate. Well then it is better to use the GetAttribute activity instead of the ExtractStructuredData activity. See below, the selector has had a wildcard added and the attribute being grabbed is aaname.

The output shows that it has been grabbed successfully:


It seems your workflow is failing because the extract structured data activity needs to be more dynamic as the element you are scraping is changing quite a lot of its attributes. It will be less work to use GetAttribute as above, and redesign how you output that data to your spreadsheet which should be straight forward.

Thank You so much for your quick reply @ronanpeter

Can you provide me, proper workflow ??
which will extract one after other values pleaseeeee

U can do changes in my workflow sir @ronanpeter

@ronanpeter i am very new to RPA, So they are giving me this tasks please help me out…im stuck very badly…

Is there anyone too provide me result please

A few things have changed to make this work. I have generated the ExtractDataTable in an activity rather than just initialise it in the variable pane to allow it to accept the AddDataRow activity easily.

The GetAttribute is now used to grab the rates.

It seemed to me your workflow was also looking at the wrong tab for grabbing currency rates. So it goes to Live Market Rates to grab. If that is an issue, please review and troubleshoot.

Please ensure Google Chrome is at 50% zoom to allow the elements to be seen without need to scroll.

I have also removed the SimulateClick properties on some clicks to ensure it works. If this is an issue in terms of how you wish to use the workflow, you’ll need to troubleshoot that.

I have also used relative file paths as your workflow used personalised paths where required.

Currency Automation.xaml (37.6 KB)

I am not able to get all values from excel to dump in website @ronanpeter can you help me here

how can i get all values from excel ??? in variables

Once you have your rates use the Excel Application Scope on your Rates Data then:

ReadRange and output the data to a datatable

Outside the ExcelScope then:

ForEach row in your new datatable initiate the workflow required to add each value to your website.

im using getrow activity
but wen i print it in writeline all values are not extracted

getrow? do you mean read row?

if you are using readrow this will output your row as a row object. to see the values of this object you need to output in a write line as row.item(“ColumnName”).tostring

Hi @Akshay_14,

Please find the attached flow as you said I developed.
I think It solves your problem (682.1 KB)

Thank you so much Master@varunk
can you explain me the process pleaseeee

Hi @Akshay_14,

Here I developed bot like
Am getting data from currency & to currency from excel & getting currency from web
Have you saw my flow
Open & run the bot ,check the output,See entire flow were you you haven’t understood let me know I will explain.
I think it was done ,Select the mark as solved


i am not able to see which all activities you have used can you please attach screen shots pleasee


can you attach the screen shots im not able to identify it its empty soo

please make sure whether necessary packages are installed in your uipath studio.

All packages are installed master @varunk

just i want to see what things you indicated…