Currency converter

i have an excel sheet having column name as amount and the task is to convert the amounto to INR to USD .having website and paste into the same excel having column name INR and column USD.CURRENCY.xlsx (7.8 KB)

This is just a suggestion @jai_ram

We have REST API available for the currency conversion from any to any currency. It would be better to use those for conversion. I don’t know whether you are using the same in the website above

no i am using website
to convert the amount which is fetch through the excel and then again paste into the same excel sheet. here is the workflow currency.xaml (29.1 KB) CURRENCY.xlsx (7.8 KB) please go throw my workflow and help me

Workflow looks fine @jai_ram

Are you getting any error? After fetching the data, use write cell activity to write the value back to excel and one more thing is, you need to get back to the previous page after fetching the value. So, back activity

problem is that how to scroll down in web page “FROM” and “TO” Place in workflow i simply use click activity but i want to from Indian rupee to USD.

Ohh, It seems it is just reverting back to its default values once you are going back to the home page @jai_ram

Hope there is no other way except API. Or you can do one more thing , for every value, click and type the values as USD and INR in both the boxes along with the amount