Get data from sharepoint list

How can I get data from a sharepoint list?

What component do I need to use?


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Install either UiPath.SharePoint.Activities or UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities package. We have multiple activities in this package to work with SharePoint.


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Check these threads for more details and approaches

The component we will be using is this

Cheers @Rodrigo_Ferreira

Thank you so much for the help!!

Can you help me with one more thing?

I’m doing a foreach list item to get the column values… but it brings a string object like this:

DisplayName=“Nome da Empresa”,
Value=“São Paulo”
Value=“Rua Paulo dos Santos Guilherme”

I’m trying to use Deserialize JSON but it’s not working… I think it’s because the format of the Object string above.

Is there a way to format this so I could be able to save column values on variables?

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  1. Read text file
  2. Deserialize json object - outputVariable - VariableType(Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.Jobject)
  3. outputVariable(“Office365ListItemField”)(“DisplayName”).ToString

For Name

For ReadOnly

For referral

Hope this would help you resolve this issue

Cheers @Rodrigo_Ferreira

Hi @Rodrigo_Ferreira ,

I strongly suggest to look at Office365 activities specifically for SharePoint lists.

Here is a sample xaml to show how to get, iterated and update values in it.

Hi all, I am working with Rodrigo Ferreira in a little project and our scenery is: Get all data from a Sharepoint List and fill the fields in other website with Sharepoint info. The connectivity is already done with Sharepoint and we are already being able to see the list information but unable get the info to place in another site. Any ideia how do that?

Thank you

Hi @renato.cardia, welcome to the UiPath forum!

When you say another site? What type of site do you mean? If you are talking about some UI automation, I imagine you’ll be using to or Type Into activity to the “other” website.

Hi Tics robo, thanks for this help

Yes, I am using type into, however, I have some data in a sharepoint list and I’d like to get each value and put in a variable and in the target system where I would like to put the info gathered I need to get each varible and input the data in each field.

Hi @renato.cardia,

You have to give us more details here.

Which part exactly are you having trouble with?
Is it with getting the data?
Is it iterating the data?
Is it setting the data to the new site?

Plus some sample xaml or screenshots will be helpful too.

Hi All,

I am using the O365 activity to access my SharePoint lists. I have successfully connected and can see my lists, I have also sucesffully put a filter (“fields/Status eq ‘Pending’”) which is getting the 3 corresponding values in my SharePoint list.

I am having issues actually getting the fields within the list out though. I am basically after a JSON file exported with all the fields. How would I go about doing that?

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