How get sharepoint list items

Hi teams can any one help me how to get the list items from sharepoint using UiPath get list items activity


The following post might help you.


HI @Yoichi thank for your help but my requirement is i have a list in share point the with name Data and that contains 5 columns i need to get that data do some operations with that data in web application ans the result should be updated in the other column of same row ex:2267 or 33920

hi @bpt.teja1996

Can you try this-

Drag and drop the “Get List Items” activity. In the Properties panel, under the “Input” section, specify the following parameters:

  • Site URL: The URL of the SharePoint site you want to retrieve list items from.
  • List Name: The name of the list you want to retrieve items from.
  • Query: Optional parameter to filter the items you want to retrieve.

Then Under the “Output” section, specify the following parameter:

  • Items: This is an output parameter that will store the retrieved list items.

Finally use a “For Each” loop activity to iterate through the retrieved items.


Hi @Yoichi solution you provided looks good but is there any possibility that we can directly use get list items instead of going from for each list my share point has many list and i need queue items from list named “TicketDetails” and then i need to iterate for each queue item and perform bussiness operations and update that queue in the list again with updated value

@Nitya1 any suggestions u can give


Any idea why the Site URL is not shown when I drag the Get List Items activity?