How to Get the Sharepoint Lists data using UIpath.MicrosoftO365.activities

I am trying to get the Sharepoint Lists information using the Uipath.MicrosoftOffice365.activities. how to do that.

I am able to get the folders and other files using Find Files and folders. But there is no activity mentioned for Getting Lists in this package.

Any one know about accessing the list of O365 without using Data Scraping

The O365 package does not yet have activities for Sharepoint lists. You can give this one a try: SharePoint Custom Activities Package - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Office 365 package got updated with 1.9.0 version, it provide SharePoint List activities

These activities use GraphAPI. You can use SharePoint REST API’s as well in order to access SharePoint List. Here is the documentation for REST API - Complete basic operations using SharePoint REST endpoints | Microsoft Learn

In order to use REST API, you need to register Uipath App on your SharePoint site wherever you are hosting your list. Please use this link to get an idea about creating access token -

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