How to quickly get the value from a json

this is a json
how to quickly get the red marked value?

  1. Read text file
  2. Deserialize json object - outputVariable - VariableType(Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.Jobject)
  3. outputVariable(“data”)(“ret”)(“word_name”).ToString


Use deserialize JSON and try to use this in the message box @fightblue

jsonObject.Item(“data”).Item(“ret”) which will give you the array you have in the ret key.

then use deserialize json array and then loop through each object inside and get the value as jsonarrayserialized.Item(“word”)

try with this expression once after deserializing JSON file
lets take like the output variable of Deserializa JSON activity as out_json
–now in a write line activity mention as

this would give you that value
Cheers @fightblue

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thanks,it is outputVariable(“data”)(“ret”)(0)(“word”).tostring



thanks, it is out_json(“data”)(“ret”)(0)(“word”).tostring

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