Get data from a "complex" site

I am new to uiPath.
But I understand that UiPath is much more promising.
I have a practical task. I am sure that this is not a problem for experienced users. But I’m stuck.

I need to get into the excel file attached the expositor info of this link:


  • Filter by country (in spanish países) Spain (in spanish España)
  • Then you will have 155 companies.
  • Get infrmation
    Company name

Get the company name and description is not a problem for me. But how can I get the phone information, email and address … And how can I repeat (LOOP) this procedure for all 155 companies?
And how to output it to a CSV file?

Thank you.

P.S. I usually use another program for web scraping. I have already received this data, but I would like to understand how this is done in UiPath Studio.

Hello @ABkeeper

  • You can use the activitie “Extract Structured Data” and get Data Table
  • Filter by country
    dt =“Country”).tostring.trim.toupper.equals(“ESPAÑA”)).CopyToDataTable
  • Use activitie “For each row” and get the information you need.
    To write use the activitie “Write CSV”
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