Data extraction from webpages link and multiple pages

Hi everyone, I’m new here.

I need help in the logic for this case.

  1. Open browser to a webpage.
  2. Webpage contains company names (clickable link to access company information)
  3. Click into company name link to access company information
  4. New page that shows company information. I need to extract these information out.
  5. Once extracted, go back to the company name webpage. Go to the next company name link and repeat Step 3-5
  6. Lastly repeat for multiple pages up to page 50.

Thanks in advance guys.

Sorry, lastly, input all the data information into a Excel.

@bernard_teo Yes, it’s possible to do. Could you please share the selector of the activity where you are clicking on the company link?

Sorry, what do you mean by the selector of the activity? I’m new to UiPath…

@bernard_teo Have you created any UiPath process to accomplish your task you are trying to do?

You can achieve this using Data Scrapping.

Check this out.

Yes I have. I did try using data scraping but I can’t go into the company link to get the information out.

@bernard_teo Once you left-click on the Three-line at the right side you will get one option like Edit selector
The Selector Editor would be like below image.

What does this selector editor do?

@bernard_teo It provides complete details of that activity. I am asking because I want to know which selector is responsible for identifying each company links. If we get that selector then we can use a counter to click on company link one by one after extracting the data.

I just managed to do up the opening of the tab and extracting the information.
Now, how do I write all these information to the Excel file?

Here’s what I have done so far.Main.xaml (16.5 KB)

@bernard_teo Use “Write Range” activity to write the DataTable in an excel sheet.