Data table extraction from different web pages with the same structure

Hello, Dear people!

I recently started with UIPath and went through some basic courses from the academy.
I have the following task:

  1. From excel file a URL should be opened in browser. (all URLs are pointing to a profile of a company in Dealroom ex. )
  2. UIPath should scrape the whole table with the funding information.
  3. UIPath should record the information either back to the excel table or to a database.

What I have done: I do not have problem with getting the URL from the excel table and opening the browser, however I experience difficulties with scraping the info and recording the values. I tried with data extraction function and for a single URL seems to work fine, but it is not working in a loop.

Can you please give me some directions how I can solve this problem? Thank you in advance!

As an attached file to this post I am uploading the my program.