Get Credentials not working on CE edition

I had the same problem on an earlier version of UiPath.System.Activities 20.06.1

On community edition 2020.6.0

The same problem is happening with UiPath.System.Activities from v20.8.0-preview

Get Credentials doesn’t work with the same error message unless you role back to 20.4.0 (I would imagine any orchestrator activities also have the same issue e.g. queue related activities)

Studio Pro 2020.6.0-beta.93 - 6/22/2020
Community License

I don’t understand how this issue which is obviously quite a major problem got through to the next version of the activities package.

I’m happy to accept that this may be my fault (although I don’t think so). If anyone has a fix that doesn’t involve rolling back to an earlier version I’d be happy to give it a try.

Could someone from UiPath please confirm that this is being investigated.

Hi @charliefik,
Is the same problem happening with the newest 21.2 Studio version?


No I haven’t been having the same issue thanks,

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