Get credential error [couldn't find asset name Error code: 1002

Now, I sdudied Assignment: Calculate Client Security Hash
and,I set my workplace asset named[system1].

I made project and run debug.
So uipath send error message Get credential error [couldn’t find asset name Error code: 1002

Where Check this problem?


This error usually comes up when asset is created in orchestrator. first create it and access it in studio.

thank you for your reply.

I already made asset in my Orchestrator.


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Can you share the asset name you used in studio also?

Can you check you have the access to the assetName?

Also you can you try with only English Asset Name and check

Hope this may help you



Please how does one check if he has access to the assetname because i am having the same issue (Could not find asset name, Error code 1002)


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In the studio, check the Resources tab and in that go to Assests
and check if the assest you are trying is available

Hope this may help you


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Hello @Abdul_Wahid_Momodu

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Can you please check the below points:

  • Can you please update System.Activities and see how it goes


  • If the above one didn’t work, then open your studio and check to which folder in the Orchestrator it has connected to. Make sure you create the asset in the same folder in Orchestrator


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many thanks @ushu .

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