Could not find an asset with this name: Error code 1002

Hello, I’m trying to login to SAP via Get Credential. Already searched this topic and read several solutions but it still doesn’t work.


Could you please help me? Thanks a lot!

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Ensure the permissions for the bot are correctly and sufficient configured
when developing ensure Studio is running against the right folder:

Also have a look here:

Thanks a lot! I understand how it works but in Studio, the folder is called ‘Desarollo’ (I work for a Spanish company) but in Orchestrater I created the asset in the Default folder. I cannot select another folder in Studio and noting happens if I change the name of the folder in Orchestrator. Could it be that Studio is connected to our shared Orchestrator account (not my personal account but the one we use throug Uipath Assistant)?

How can I change this setting?

looks like missing folder permissions, which are to overcome /get fixed.

Also take a note on the folder navigation syntax

Thanks it must be the folder permissions, I contacted our IT department, maybe they have to adjust some settings.

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