Asset value could not find asset

Hi All,

I got an issue while performing uipath studio Get Asset Value: Couldn’t find an asset with this name. Error code 1002, I have crossed verified config and orchestrator credentials available, could you please help me on this.


Hi @Gopala_Krishnan_A

Please check couple of things here,

  1. Is the asset present in the orchestrator with the same name?
    2.Confirm whether you mentioned correct Orchestrator folder or not.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you,

HI @Gopala_Krishnan_A

Check out this video


Check where did you create an Asset in the Orchestrator. @Gopala_Krishnan_A

Example ;

In the studio i have Shared folder. Then i need to create the asset in the Shared folder in the orchestratot.

If not you will get this error. So check out this aspect


Thanks for quick response Gokul I will check and let you know the status

Okay @Gopala_Krishnan_A . Let us know if you face any issue

Hello @Gopala_Krishnan_A

If you are creating an Asset in a specific folder then in the config file you need to mention the same. If you are running from studio you can change the Folder as well.

Also make sure there is no extra space or characters in the Asset and its exact matching as you mentioned in the Config.