Get Attribute -aastate IE vs EDGE

I have began process rebuilding our processes from IE to EDGE.I used “Get Attribute” with IE very often for analyze when the button was use or not.
With IE it’s works if the button wasn’t clicked aastate=“focusable”, when was clicked
not active button after click.docx (15.8 KB)
With EDGE is aastate value the same with both situations = “enabled”
With EDGE is visibility value not good to because for both situations =“1”.

Any advice or idea how know if the button was used or not.

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Hey @Brano

What do you mean by button used or not please ?


Hello @Nithinkrishna ,

for example save button is visible, after click is not visible because data was save. I made a print screen attached in my topic, how it looks like. The color of button was change and no able to used it again. In my case I use it for control robot clicked or not.

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Hey @Brano

Sorry, just now I have seen the doc with screenshot you have shared.

So what I understand here is that the button is getting disabled.

So now we need to explore which property is making this change effective, most probably it is the disabled property of the element.

You can now indicate both the buttons in UI Explorer to check which property helps you in the property explorer or you can just inspect element in the browser to find whichever way you are comfortable.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Nithinkrishna

problem isn’t very simple because there doesn’t exists value which change after click. I compared all value. And what you mean - “most probably it is the disabled property of the element” - this can be enable with settings of browser or have to be change by programmer ?

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Hey @Brano

Just right click on the button and inspect element.

You will see a HTML code for that button now just perform enabling and disabling steps and see if you can find some change in the HTML code.

This is one of the alternate methods to visually identify the property change in the element code, which can be then updated in the UiPath selector.


for visibility can you use check app state property?
and tick the “check visibility” checkbox

Hi @Brano ,

Is it possible to Provide us the Selectors of the Two States of Button that you have mentioned in the Document ?

You could use UiExplorer and Indicate the Button when it is Active and Send it’s Screenshot here.

Same way, for the Button when it is Inactive.

We should then be able to figure out difference in the Selectors.

hi @jack.chan ,

I tried new design too, but the problem isn’t visibility. The button is still visible after click, what is change color an something like attribute.

Hi @supermanPunch,
Here are the screens and selectors.

Finally I found solution. Attribute “aastate” it’s good for me, but I had to change how I defined selector.
This is old :
An New:
New selector gave me result :non push button “focusable, opaque” push button “unavailable, focused, focusable, opaque”. Maybe it could help someone in the future.

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