How to check element disabled or enabled


In this image how can we check whether start button is disabled
Can anyone help me on this?

Use Get attribute activity.

Karthik Byggari


Hi @Vamsit2030 please rather use official documentation as article posted by @KarthikByggari is not ‘fresh’ and can be outdated.

Second thing is question if UI elements in application in which you are trying to check the button are visible for UiPath? If yes then Get Attribute activity can be the solution here. If not then you could use Image Exist activity and combine it with If like → If “image exist = true” then do something, else do other things.

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Hi @Pablito

What will be the output of this Get Attribute
can u please explain


@Vamsit2030 this activity will get you output of any attribute it will find out in your element/selector. But this will work only if your application can show UI element to the UiPath Studio.



It depends on which attribute you are getting.
If you try to get the “checked” attribute, you will either get true or false.
But there are lots of other attributes you can get as well