Get attribute - aastate different result with different browser

Hi, this activity works perfect with IE, but now I have to use different browser, Chrome or EDGE.
Only with IE I have right result with alert, other browser didn’t show me real status.

Any idea, how fix it?


What do you mean by:

I have right result with alert, other browser didn’t show me real status

Can you provide some kind of example or elaborate more about the problem??

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Hi, I’m using get attribute for checking if the value from list of value is correct or not.
In first picture is the same selector IE, Chrome and EDGE only IE catch problem, the value isn’t correct, aastate= alert hight, Chrome and EDGE aastate= enabled. On picture 2 is how looks not valid value. I need solution how can I know if the value is correct or not.

Hum, ok, understood.

Did you checked other attributes to see if there is any change?

To help more, i would need to see the entire Properties Tree, and check each attribute from a valid and non-valid case.

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Hi, the selector for both cases is the same.
I collect attribute 1 IE and 2 EDGE. Attributes look similar or just with small differences, I think it depends on browser type. I didn’t find differences or attribute in EDGE which identify non valid situation.
I have never found a better identifier for validations buttons or value from list of value than aastate.

I finally found it. Right parameter is aria-invalid.

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