Get Transaction Item Activity find no Items

Hello everyone!
The purpose of my training project is to read an excel file and add the data into A queue in Orchestrator. After that I want to use the data and perform some actions with it.
However, here comes the problem: I am using “Get Transaction Item” Activity but it finds no TransactionItems in the Queue and throws me in “Else” branch.
Would you please help me with it :slight_smile:

Hi @zhasmina.dimitrova
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Can you check whether queue name is passed for Get transaction Item activity.
If passed, can you check queue items are present in the queue manually.

Saranya K R

Hello @SaranyaKishore and thank you!
Well, both the queue name and folder path are passed,

and I think the queue items are present i the queue.

I can see queue item status is Successful
Only queue items with New status would be picked.

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Understood, thank you very much!

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